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Trend report: must haves to update your Summer wardrobe

Earn your stripes
Stripes are back and making a big statement this summer. Whether it’s Nautical or bold, there is something for every woman. Stripes will work hard in your wardrobe and they come with a guarantee to return next summer.

ON TRENT 2017 - 2 - Audrey Look 20 - 3Ontrend Grace - Image 16 - 2OnTrend Sarah Tansey Look 43 - 2


Surprise revival of khaki this summer, It was featured on nearly every runway (a good thing for Irish skin tones). No more is khaki channelling   “Out of Africa”. The modern khaki is sophisticated and tailored.

Style tip. An easy way to incorporate the trend is with tailored combats.

Ontrend Grace - Image 17 - 1MKOD 2017 JESS 2 - Look 11 - 1Ontrend Grace - Image 49 - 1








Tricky yellow is trying to creep into our wardrobes (not so good for Irish skin tones.) but with the plethora of shades out there, you’re bound to find the perfect one. So why not we say, It’s summer lets have some fun.

Ontrend Grace - Image 37 - 4OnTrend Sarah Tansey Look 23 - 2Ontrend Grace - Image 32 - 2







Celebrities and bankers have one thing in common this S/S and that’s Pinstripes. A trend that increases your style stakes 100%.

Style tip: Pinstripes with embroidery softens the look.

Ontrend Grace - Image 43 - 2  ON TRENT 2017 - 2 - Audrey Look 22 - 1  Ontrend Grace - Image 35 - 2






A trench is the perfect coat to buy at summer. It is a light and stylish way to stay dry this summer. Yes, dry this summer! (Irish weather problems). It will also take you right through Autumn up until the winter wellies.

Ontrend Grace - Image 22 - 2    Ontrend Grace - Image 45 - 5



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