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Met Gala 2018 Best Dressed Looks

Okay, we all love a good Met Gala, and this year’s theme – Obsessed: “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”. We have so much respect for the style icons that found the sweet spot of sleek, chic fashion within this theme. Our girls Rihanna, Madonna, and Blake Lively might have stolen the show but there are so many more looks we absolutely love. So here it is …


The Best Dressed at 2018’s Met Gala


1. Zendaya wearing Versace


2. Rihanna wearing Maison Margiela


3. Madonna wearing Moschino


4. Lilly Collins wearing Givenchy


5. Blake Lively wearing Versace


6. Cara Delevigne wearing Dior


7. Cardi B. and Jeremy Scott wearing Moschino


8. Ariana Grande wearing Vera Wang


9. Anne Hathaway wearing Valentino


10. Kim Kardashian wearing Versace


11. Gigi Hadid wearing Tommy Hilfiger


12. Jennifer Lopez wearing Balmain


13. Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen wearing their own designs


14. Lily Aldrige and Rosei Huntington-Whiteley wearing Ralph Lauren


Now time for a few honourable mentions…


Best Couple: Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse

We’re not obsessed or anything but do you see the way they look at each other?!


We’re Really Not Sure: Katy Perry

Personally, we’re a bit confused here Katy. You alright?


Trendiest: Jaden Smith

Really no surprise here as Jaden typically is always the trendiest person in a room. Last year he sported his dreadlock as an accessory. This year he sports his framed album, ICON.


What we’re your favourite looks from this year’s Met Gala?

Let us know below!


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