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Best dressed on screen couples.


Love is in the air and whether you’re in a relationship or not you can still appreciate the best kind of love, the fictional kind. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a Johns Hughes movie but it doesn’t mean we can’t dress like our favourite stylish heroines.

Here at ontrend.eu we have compiled a list of the best-dressed on screen couples for all the inspiration you need this Valentines.


Top Gun
(Charlie and Maverick)


Top Gun with its amazing soundtrack and beach balling men is a classic. Want to know how to wear a bomber look to Charlie.She would wear them over her office look or just casually over jeans.She dressed like a strong independent woman.Tom got her in the end but well who can refuse a man in uniform.



In the mood for love.
(Mrs Chan and Chow)



A fashionable couple list would not be complete without Su and Chow.One of the most beautiful movies on the list.Mrs Chan dresses with class every day even if its just to get rice. Polished fitted dresses with vibrant prints .How could Chow resist.

blog jpg_160



Almost Famous
(Penny lane and Russell)eeae80bac3abfdc579be7a4f34d68a1c

Not the most romantic of couples but with the 70s back, they are right on trend. Lane’s cool laid back look is perfect for off-duty style. Just grab an embroidered top,a pair of flares and your good to go.We’ll pass on the crop tops but definitely, think the porn star tash should make a comeback.

blog jpg_142

Rear Window.
(Lisa & Jeff)




Alfred Hitchcock knew how to dress his ‘’blondes” but Grace Kelly as Lisa Fremont in Rear Window is our favourite. She is a high fashion beauty who proves to “ Jeff” (James Steward), she’s no princess and is up for any adventure in her stunning A-line dresses and little box bags.




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